Your Official Guide to Alaska 2015

by Buerlap Zak

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The beat tape to your 2015 Alaskan Summer*

*Summer does not have to be Alaskan to enjoy.

If you download, check out the lyrics embedded for some cool useless facts!


released June 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Buerlap Zak Sterling, Alaska

Alaskan raised, Arizona trained; Visual Effects and Motion Graphics artist that happens to have a love for making music.

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Track Name: Night Shift (Intro)
Completely useless facts include: No one listens to Buerlap Zak, the song sampled is Elucidation by Animosity, and Your Official Guide to Alaska 2015 has a prequel Your Official Guide to Alaska, which is also available for free on
Track Name: Moose River Rat
Useless Fact: Moose River Rat is the name of the boat my family owns.
Track Name: That's My Fish/#Watchthefish
Useless Fact: This is two part song, symbolizing the fishing, and the decline of the fish population as a cause and effect.
Track Name: Pine Tree Sap
Useless Fact: Pine Tree Sap can easily be removed from your fingers by rubbing them on rusted metal.
Track Name: Splitting Logs
Useless Fact: If there can be 435 Pine trees in an acre, and over 375 million acres in Alaska, and it takes 1 minute to split 3 logs, then you will have blistery nubs instead of hands by the time it takes to do 1 acre. Better get a log splitter!
Track Name: Koi in the Kenai
Useless Fact: Koi can be purchased in Alaska, but it's not a smart idea to put them in the Kenai River
Track Name: McKinely Mac
Useless Fact: This song is the equivalent feeling you will get after eating just one McKinely Mac at an Alaskan McDonald's.
Track Name: 3AM: Sunrise
Useless Fact: I will probably see a lot of sunrises this summer.
Track Name: Guest Cabin
Useless Fact: The Guest Cabin is the sacred chill place for friends to rot and play video games and smoke.
Track Name: Alaskan Amber
Useless Fact: Alaskan Amber does not endorse this track nor does it know it exists.
Track Name: Fillet and Release (Bonus)
Useless Fact: Catch and release is a popular term used for sport fishing when you just want to fish for the hell of it, where they catch the fish and release it back to the water. Fillet and Release is the action of catching the fish, giving it the knife, taking its delectable meat, and releasing the carcass back into the water. Fun!
Track Name: Basic Bitch Apparel (Bonus)
Useless Fact: Anyone seen in Alaskan Starfish Co. clothes are automatically basic bitches. Songs sampled here are Fuck You, and Your Cat by Goldfinger, and Neon by John Mayer
Track Name: Izaak Walton (Bonus)
Useless Fact: Many basic bitches and fillet and releases can be seen in this one camping spot on the river called Izaak Walton. Song sample is Between Black and White by Hiroshima
Track Name: The Otter Pop Tape (Bonus)
This song samples shit from New Wave, to Nu Metal, and here is the list.

Annie Get Your Gun by Squeeze,

Force Ten/New World Man by Rush,

That Lady Don't Mind by Talking Heads,

Made of Glass by Trapt,

Bip Bop Link by Wings,

Given by Seether,

October by A-Ha,

Asthma by P.O.D.,

I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass by Nick Lowe.